Melanie and Kirby

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Kirby - The Untold Truth

Can you figure out which one of these statements is true about Kirby?
  1. What is Kirby's favorite meal cooked for him and only him by his mom?
    Chicken tetrazini and banana pudding
    Ground beef and rice with steak fries
    Chicken pot pie with popsicles
    Lamb chops

  2. What was Kirby's first phrase?
    "Pee-pee in the potty."
    "Give me cookie."
    "I do my be self."
    "Get lost, loser."

  3. Complete this phrase taught to Renay at a very early age by yours truly: "Shake my hand, be my friend..."
    "...let's go collect aluminum cans."
    "...don't eat boogers out of the garbage can."
    " a somersault and a headstand."
    "...give me twenty bucks."

  4. Kirby and Andy shared a vehicle in high school. What was it?
    A motorcycle
    A green Volkswagen
    A 1961 Chevy Impala
    A big yellow van

  5. Kirby's first name is:

  6. Kirby freaked Aunt Beth out one time when he got really upset because he:
    Busted his head open.
    Saw a big furry spider.
    Got his hands dirty.
    Scrapped his knee.

  7. Kirby and his cousin Michael starred in the ever-popular documentary entitled what?
    "Eat the Hamster"
    "Throw your Shoe"
    "Kill the Cat"
    "Smell My Finger"

  8. When he was about 3-years-old, Kirby would get some things together and wait by the door to go to:
    Nudist camp.
    Michael's house.
    Computer camp.

  9. From about age 15, Kirby has never been without what?
    Computer and equipment.
    Facial hair.
    A girlfriend.
    A mole on his left buttock.

  10. When they were toddlers, Kirby showed Andy how to do what?
    Roller skate.
    Suck his thumb and carry a security blanket.
    Break dance.
    Cook bacon.

  11. When Renay was a baby, Kirby was always first in line to do what for her?
    Change diapers.
    Run and get Aunt Jean for help.
    Feed a bottle to her.
    Hold and play with her.