Melanie and Kirby

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Two Truths and a Lie

Can you figure out which one of these statements is a lie?
  1. When Melanie was in elementary school...
    she played the violin
    she played the flute
    she played the piano

  2. When Melanie was in high school...
    she was the president of the National Honor Society
    she was a smashing Mrs. Macafee in the school production of Bye Bye Birdie
    she had an after school job shelving books for Ms. Mary Lou at the Media Center

  3. When Melanie first got her license...
    she ditched two wheel transportation in favor of the four wheel variety
    she made daily trips to the produce market
    she single handedly kept Donut Time in business

  4. When Melanie was in college...
    she majored in geophysics
    she swished down the slopes of the alps
    she sustained herself ona diet of beer and gravy fries

  5. When Melanie graduated from college...
    she temped at a bank
    she ran off with Pierre from Paris, baguette in hand
    she provided the opportunity for her parents to fly around the world - free of charge!

  6. When Melanie first moved to New York City...
    she became the Queen of Queens
    she shared a 1 bedroom apartment with 7 people (Brooke included!)
    she tried to fit into the neighborhood by becoming an Orthodox Jew

  7. When Melanie moved on up to the East Side...
    she replaced Flo as the Jeffersons' housekeeper
    she lived in an apartment with a shower in the kitchen
    she joined the Bear Bar softball team

  8. Melanie's experiences as a flight attendant have included...
    buttoning up the dress for a mail order bride in the airplane lavatory
    being asked for reading glasses (doesn't every airline provide them?)
    providing foot massages to passengers - free of charge!

  9. At the beginning of Melanie's and Kirby's relationship...
    they smiled at each other over hot dogs and beer at Yankee Stadium
    Kirby romanced Melanie with talk of html weblog blogger until Melanie said, "He's the one!"
    Kirby went through 3 different computers trying to find Melanie's e-mail address

  10. When Melanie and Kirby first got engaged...
    Melanie signed up for Computer Programming 101 so that she and Kirby could communicate on a deeper level
    Melanie called long distance from France with the good news
    Melanie polished her engagement ring at least once a day